Kindness Tips

 Always take time to give people a friendly greeting.  Even if I feel I am behind in my day, I take an extra moment to connect in the moment. I ask other parents how they are, and I LISTEN to them.  We can get so busy in our daily lifes that we forget what its all about, connections. In slowing down remembering the connecting is important, not only helps me feel happier,  this extra moment helps give me the opportunity to spot where they are at and if THEY need a little extra care that I can give in hearing them. 

Some times its just that extra second looking into their eyes so they can feel seen, is all it takes for a tear to roll out.  Even if you don't know what to say some times the best help is just having them know that you noticed.  We all have some days that are harder then others.  Caught up in these moments we can forget that others have bad days too.  

I have one friend parent who always seams to be having a bad life, when I see her I just use my eyes to show my care. I don't engage in conversations with her, as they can pull one down quickly if you choose to go with her.  I have even given her a quick peck of the cheek or touched her arm, as I walked away from the complaining she so enjoys. This is showing her kindness in my touch and care, at the same time showing me kindness in not having to endure a negative spiral down.  

It only takes a min to change the outcome of someones day, choose kindness. 

"Today my kindness is giving someone an extra connection even if its only for a moment, some days that all they need"

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