Avoid the biggest mistake parents make teaching their kids to read.

This one simple shift can change your child's stress around learning to read for a life time......Giving YOUR child the best chance to succeed in learning to read as a toddler. 

Teaching the sounds in the tub, gives your child the best chance to learn stress free.

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Most of us teach the way we were taught as it seams to make sense, how ever we have learned now that to improve reading skills younger we need to start by teaching the children the sounds of the letters first NOT the names.

  • Teach the sounds, fun unstructured place like the tub, with foam bath letters.
  • Start with the short sounds and move to the long sounds as they progress (see below)
  • Once they have a grasp of the sounds, you can add in the names of the letters. Below is video of a sound song. 

By teaching the sounds of the letter we are imprinting the little minds to default to the sound rather then the name of the letters. This helps jump right into the learning of sounding out words. Most children get muddled up at this point as they trying to start to sound out words as they are using the names of the letters. Doing it this way we have to relearn them to what is really needed to learn to read. Starting with the sounds makes it a easy jump to learning to read.

Not only does this add a step of teaching the letters names first rather then the sounds, it also creates stress and frustration in the learning process, it also ads time in the whole process.

So lets get the little ones started on the learning to read path early with out stress by introducing the sounds first.

There are short sounds and long sounds, depending on the development stage I recommend starting with the short sounds then introduction the long sounds. The charts below show the difference in what I am meaning.

So lets start singing the alphabet letters sounds song. This song also includes the names of the letters, which I recommend to introduce once the sounds are learned.

A great way to learn the sound is in a fun unstructured environment like the bath. Learning the letter sounds while in the bath keep bath time and learning fun.