buddy bench - choosing kindness

💕We at Lilly’s Love believe in Choosing Kindness.... 💕

Kindness through the actions we take and the words we choose.
What better way than to start teaching kindness then with the Buddy Bench....🤝

Lilly's Love Buddy Bench - Choosing Kindness

🦄It’s with the choice of words we touch each other, positively or negatively, depending on the words we use.  

🦄We discovered early on, that the smallest shift in the choice of words, not only affected our own thoughts and feelings it also affected our family and the outcome of that situation. 

🦄These small changes and the responsibly we took on in using them, helped us reshape our family.

🦄We as parents are shaping the life patterns of our children for their lives, by making small word changes, and choosing kindness now, we can change their lives forever.

🦄We were rewarded in this shift in ourselves with the change we saw in our family. You can enjoy these changes too with your amazing family. Incorporating more positive  and encouraging words in each day can make a shift. 

💙 💚With the understanding of the power of words, we decided to use the word 💓LOVE 💓 in our brand name so we could have it added to all of our products. Surround yourself with words that move you, surround yourself with 💓LOVE 💓